Solar & Roof Maintenance

Temporary edge protection systems for solar installation and roof maintenance jobs.

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Solar & Roof Maintenance Products

Solguard System

On-roof edge protection system specifically designed for solar installers.

Fascia Pole System

Ground-up pole system which clamps or screws to fascia. Ideal for re-roofing, solar or asbestos removal projects.

Hidden Tile System

Edge protection systems suitable for new roofs, roof restoration, roof painting, solar panel installation or roof maintenance.

Roof Clamp System

On-roof clamping edge protection system suitable for common concealed fixing roof profiles such as Klip-Lok and Speed Deck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Temporary edge protection systems are safety installations designed to prevent falls from heights during solar panel installation and roof maintenance. They provide a secure barrier around the edges of roofs, ensuring a safer work environment for technicians.

Yes, these systems are versatile and suitable for both solar panel installation and roof maintenance tasks. Their design allows for customisation and adaptation to different roof types, from standard residential to complex industrial structures. This adaptability ensures that regardless of the project’s scope — whether it involves installing solar panels on roofs or conducting routine maintenance — these systems provide a comprehensive safety solution, effectively mitigating the risk of falls from heights and enhancing overall project safety.

Utilising temporary edge protection systems for solar-related tasks offers multiple advantages. The most crucial among these is the significant enhancement of worker safety, minimising the risk of falls and associated injuries. Complying with stringent workplace safety regulations also help projects meet legal safety standards. Additionally, the implementation of such protective measures can streamline project timelines, reducing delays caused by safety concerns. This, in turn, fosters a more efficient and productive working environment. Teams can focus on installing solar panels on roofs or conducting maintenance without compromising on safety.

These systems enhance worker safety during solar panel installation by establishing a robust barrier that mitigates the risk of falls. These systems are designed to endure the force of a fall, providing a safeguard that actively prevents accidents. This proactive approach to safety significantly lowers the likelihood of workplace injuries, ensuring a safer environment for workers operating at high heights.

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