Roof Entry Gates

Lightweight entry gates for ladders, EWP, scissor lifts and stair towers.

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Roof Entry Gates Products

Swinging Roof Entry Gate

Adaptable to all EWRG Commercial and Residential Roof Edge Protection systems, our swinging roof entry gate can accommodate site entry via scaffold stairways, scissor lifts

About Roof Entry Gates

EWRG: Leading the way in roof edge protection

Explore why we’re the top choice for top-tier roof gates:

  • Certified excellence
    Established in 2009, EWRG has set the standard for lightweight entry gates in Australia. Our wide range of edge protection systems are tested and compliant with AS/NZS 4994.1 standards. Each system includes engineering certificates and detailed installation instructions.
  • Buy or dry hire
    We are the only company in Australia that sells and offers dry hire for roof gates, allowing you to manage your projects efficiently and maximise returns on every job.
  • Wide distribution network
    We serve construction and roofing companies throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. No matter the scale of the job, trust us to deliver the roof edge protection you need at competitive prices.
  • Flexible training programs
    Our onsite and online training programs equip your workforce with the skills necessary to properly install, operate and dismantle roof gates.
  • Thorough site audits
    We conduct thorough site inspections of all installed temporary roof edge protection systems. By verifying the system’s integrity and safety, we minimise the risk of accidents and ensure our clients make the most of our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lightweight entry gates provide secure and easy access to roof areas while minimising the load on the building structure. Their ease of relocation makes them ideal for dynamic projects that frequently change access points.

Roof gates offer several advantages for both residential and commercial properties, including:

  • Enhanced safety — They provide secure and controlled access to roof areas, reducing the risk of accidental falls and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.
  • Flexibility — They are easy to install and remove as access needs change over time, providing flexibility in managing site logistics.
  • Minimal impact on building structure — Their lightweight nature exerts less stress on the roof structure, preserving the integrity of the building.

The decision to dry-hire or purchase roof edge protection for concrete block structures depends on the duration and frequency of use. If our customers are doing a quick one-off job, we always recommend hiring. On the other hand, if the edge protection is used regularly or required for a long period of time, it usually makes better sense to purchase. EWRG are always happy to quote for both options to help our customers decide which is a better way to go.

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