Under Fascia

Under fascia edge protection systems for new roof installation.

About Under Fascia Edge Protection

Under fascia edge protection revolutionises safety for workers at height. Unlike traditional guardrails that can obstruct the roofline, these systems attach to the rafters or top plates to ensure compliant fall prevention is in place without obstructing roofing works.

This innovative design offers multiple benefits — enhanced worker safety, protection for existing fascia and gutters and streamlined construction workflows. With these features, EWRG’s under fascia edge protection complies with stringent safety standards for domestic and commercial construction projects.

Under Fascia Products

Rafter Clamp System

Rafter clamp edge protection system for new metal and tile roofs. Suitable for timber or light gauge steel rafters.

Top Plate Bracket

EWRG’s Top Plate Bracket System is designed to provide edge protection where there is no eave or minimal roof overhang. The system is design to

Frequently Asked Questions

An under fascia edge protection offers significant advantages for new roof installations. It safeguards workers at heights and protects the already installed fascia and gutters from potential damage during construction. Additionally, this system allows roofing activities, such as tiling, to proceed without interruptions, as it’s installed beneath the rafters.

Rafter clamp systems offer versatility and early installation benefits. They directly attach to the exposed roof rafters, providing protection even during fascia and gutter installation. These systems work well with various roof pitches and rafter sizes but might require adjustment with irregular rafter layouts.

On the other hand, the top plate bracket system is designed for roofs with no eave or minimal roof overhang, typically ranging from 350mm to 700mm from the wall. Each system is tailored to meet particular installation requirements, ensuring optimal safety for various roof configurations.

Yes, well-designed and manufactured under fascia edge protection systems can meet Australian safety standards like AS/NZS 4994.1. EWRG’s systems are engineered to meet the necessary height, strength and infill requirements outlined in the standard.

They also undergo rigorous testing to withstand the forces associated with a fall. For full compliance, ensure a trained professional installs the system according to our specifications and the guidelines outlined in AS/NZS 4994.2 (Temporary Edge Protection – Installation and Dismantling).

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