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Discover reliable bolt-on edge protection systems for concrete blockwork. EWRG offers solutions for concrete tilt panels and core-filled blocks.

Concrete / Blockwork Products

Bolt-on System

EWRG’s most popular product, the Bolt-on Edge Protection System is a wall-mounted system perfect for bolting to concrete or core-filled block.

Side Bracket System

Simplified bolt-on edge protection system ideal for side mounting to concrete or core-filled blockwork.

About Concrete / Blockwork

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Frequently Asked Questions

A temporary roof guardrail system, designed for concrete block and blockwork structures, is a roof edge protection system. It helps mitigate the risks for construction and maintenance personnel when working at height. Sometimes called roof handrail, roof edge protection systems extend around the perimeter of the area in question to prevent workers from falling when near the edge.

For core-filled or concrete blockwork structures, a temporary roof guardrail design must include a minimum of three handrails. The bottom rail should be located from 150 mm to 250 mm above the roof line or surface workers are standing on. The top rail should be between 900mm and 1100mm, with a gap to a middle rail of no more than 450mm from top and bottom rails. The bottom rail must be located no more than 225mm horizontally away from the edge of the roof/work surface. The angle of the handrails must be within 15 degrees of the roof/work surface pitch. For surfaces with gradients of 26 degrees or more, the guardrail must have sheeting or mesh material that reaches at least 900 mm above the base. All EWRG systems are designed to comply with Australian Standard AS4994.1.

The decision to dry-hire or purchase roof edge protection for concrete block structures depends on the duration and frequency of use. If our customers are doing a quick one-off job, we always recommend hiring. On the other hand, if the edge protection is used regularly or required for a long period of time, it usually makes better sense to purchase. EWRG are always happy to quote for both options to help our customers decide which is a better way to go.

The Bolt-on Edge Protection System is a wall-mounted solution specifically designed for concrete blockwork and tilt panels. These systems are engineered for secure attachment and ensure stability and durability for core-filled structures. Bolt-on Edge Protection Systems offer an effective protective barrier along the edges for fall prevention purposes.

There are various benefits of using Bolt-on Edge Protection Systems for concrete block structures. These include: 

  • Stability and security — The Bolt-on Edge Protection System provides a stable and secure barrier, enhancing worker safety during rooftop activities on concrete blockwork structures.
  • Customisation for specific structures — Designed with concrete blockwork in mind, these systems can be tailored to the unique features of these structures.
  • Easy installation — The system is designed for easy installation, ensuring efficiency and convenience for users working on core-filled or concrete block projects.
  • Compliance — EWRG’s Bolt-on Edge Protection System complies with the Australian Standard AS4994.1, ensuring adherence and safety of workers.

Bolt-on Edge Protection Systems find versatile applications in various construction and maintenance scenarios involving core-filled or concrete block structures. These systems are suitable for tasks such as roof repairs, maintenance work, construction projects and any activity that involves working at high heights on concrete blockwork. The adaptability of these systems makes them a valuable asset for a wide range of applications, ensuring safety and fall prevention in diverse working environments.

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