Purlin Systems

Purlin Edge Protection Systems are ideal when roofing or decking warehouses, sheds, awnings or mezzanine floors.

Purlin Systems Products

Drop Purlin Clamp

Purlin clamp system designed to drop below obstructions such as a tie-bars, box gutters and low hanging fascias.

G-Clamp System

Easy-to-use purlin clamp system ideal for sheds, awnings and mezzanine floors. One of our most popular products.

Long Slider

EWRG’s Long Slider Brackets provide up to 80mm of clearance when fixing temporary edge protection to steel purlins, timber rafters or studs, light gauge steel

Back Purlin Clamp

The Back Purlin Clamp is a clever adaptation designed to provide a faster method to install temporary roof edge protection along the gutter line of

About Purlin Systems

Purlin Edge Protection Systems are ideal when roofing or decking warehouses, sheds, awnings or mezzanine floors.

Here at East-West Rail Guardrail, we offer a range of commercial roof purlin edge protection systems, so you’ll be able to find the right temporary edge protection system for your business.

The benefits of roof purlin systems for commercial businesses

Before starting any job, a number of things need to be considered, from necessary equipment to safety precautions. Our temporary edge protection systems fall under both categories — so we’ve outlined the benefits of buying or hiring a commercial roof purlin edge protection systems for your next job, below:

  • Prevents falls or injury Safety is paramount, no matter how long you’ve been in the construction industry. Our edge protection system wraps around the perimeter of the area you’re working on, protecting your workers from potential falls or losing their equipment. This also gives your workers the confidence to work quickly and move around freely.
  • Preserves the structure of the building Our roof purlin systems do not need to be fitted or drilled into a building, preventing the purlins from being damaged. They’re easy to clamp on and also easy to remove, leaving no impact behind.
  • Ability to customise If your business requires a more intricate temporary edge protection system, East-West Roof Guardrail is more than happy to design and manufacture a system for your business.

Purchasing commercial roof purlin systems

East-West Roof Guardrail is the industry leader in providing exceptional quality temporary edge protection systems you can trust. Backed by decades of combined experience in construction and residential safety, our clients know they’re in the best hands.

Hire or buy a temporary edge protection system with the confidence in knowing that not only are all of our products affordable and reliable, but they’re also certified to Australian standards. If you would like to learn more about our commercial roof purlin systems options or are interested in obtaining a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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