G-Clamp System

Easy-to-use purlin clamp system ideal for sheds, awnings and mezzanine floors. One of our most popular products.

About G-Clamp System

The G-Clamp System is our most popular edge protection system for use on purlins. This is an easy to use system which allows roof guardrail to anchor to purlins without the need for screwing, bolting or penetrating the purlins in any way. The G Clamp System is lightweight, versatile and simple to install. Each post set requires two clamps and a needle, which can placed inside the purlin at gutter ends and both inside or underneath the purlin at the roof barge line. Standard needle lengths can be provided at 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m or 1.75m to suit a range of purlin spans. If greater span is required between purlins an extension piece is also available. This system is available for dry hire and purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it better to dry-hire or buy roof edge protection?

    The decision to dry-hire or purchase roof edge protection for concrete block structures depends on the duration and frequency of use. If our customers are doing a quick one-off job, we always recommend hiring. On the other hand, if the edge protection is used regularly or required for a long period of time, it usually makes better sense to purchase. EWRG are always happy to quote for both options to help our customers decide which is a better way to go.

  • How much does roof edge protection cost?

    Temporary roof edge protection systems are priced in lineal metres. Rates for dry hire and purchase vary based on the location, type of system, duration of hire and quantity. All our systems are priced to be cost effective for our customers and deliver bottom line returns on their projects. One the the best efficiencies temporary edge protection systems provide is use as an alternative to (or in conjunction with) ground-up scaffolding. For a free quote please contact your nearest EWRG branch.

  • How versatile is the G-Clamp System?

    The G-Clamp System is suitable for most purlin roof constructions and can be used along both the gutter line of the roof, as well as at the barge end of the roof. It forms the basis of most of our Customer's purlin edge protection systems and is one of our most popular systems to dry hire and sell.

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