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Edge protection systems suitable for new roofs, roof restoration, roof painting, solar panel installation or roof maintenance.

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Hidden Tile System

Edge protection systems suitable for new roofs, roof restoration, roof painting, solar panel installation or roof maintenance.

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Whether installing a new tile roof, undertaking a roof restoration job, or doing repairs due to storm damage or wear and tear — East West Roof Guardrail has an edge protection solution to suit the job.

The tile roof systems at East West Roof Guardrail are fixed to the roof’s rafters via a bracket and concealed under the roof’s tiles to protect from water ingress to the roof cavity and soffit while the works are undertaken. They minimise obstruction to the working area, which is particularly important when completing roof restoration or painting.

Discover the benefits of East West Roof Guardrail’s tile roof system

If your team has a project with a tile roof, hiring or buying a tile roof system provides a superior layer of protection against accidents, falls or injuries. Other benefits of using a tile roof system from East-West Rail Guard are:

  • Non-penetrative design — As our handrails are fixed to the roof’s rafters with screws, our tile roof systems maintain the roof’s integrity and won’t cause any damage.
  • Easy to install — There is no complex installation process with East-West Rail Guard tile roof systems. They are simple to dismantle when your team has completed the job.
  • Complete access — If you opt for our Hidden Tile System, roof tilers will have access to 100% of the roof’s surface, giving them the freedom and confidence to move around safely.

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Want a closer look at our two tile roof systems? Check out our two tile roof system options below.

Why choose East-West Rail Guard for your temporary edge protection hire

East-West Rail Guard has been supplying commercial and residential temporary edge protection hire equipment for over a decade. During this time, we have gained an unmatched level of workplace safety expertise while meeting OHS requirements and regulations.

Our team is highly experienced in the field and provides the most durable and highest quality systems available for hire or purchase on the market. We can also provide on-site and online training to ensure you meet your legal obligations and rights.

Our competitive prices and engineer-certified tile roof systems are made from galvanised steel — providing you and your workers with peace of mind knowing they’ll be well protected against potential accidents.

Currently servicing workers across Australia, East-West Roof Guardrail is your one-stop shop for tile roof edge protection systems and other temporary edge protection productsContact us today to find out how we can help with your next project, or get in touch for a free quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tile roof edge protection is a type of edge protection intended for use on tile roof systems. The system aims to provide fall protection for roof tilers, allowing them to work confidently throughout the tiling application. One of the strengths of this system is that it can be easily dismantled after the job is completed. This makes it a versatile and convenient option for providing edge protection on a tile roof.

Consider a roof guardrail system from East-West Roof Guardrail when it comes time to install or maintain your tile roof to reduce the chances of accidents.

Here are some benefits of edge protection for tile roof systems.

Safety — The primary benefit of edge protection systems is the increased safety they provide for roofers and other workers who are on the job. These systems can help prevent falls — a major cause of injury and death in the construction industry.
Increases productivity — As a natural consequence of guaranteed safety, installing edge protection systems can help increase productivity on the job site. By providing a safe and stable working environment, workers can focus on their tasks rather than worrying about falling over the edge.
Customisability — Edge protection systems can be customised to fit the specific needs of a project. This can be particularly helpful when working on roofs with unique shapes or configurations.
Ease of installation — Edge protection systems for tile roofs are easy to install, so they do not add additional stress to workers.
If you want to dry hire or purchase reliable edge protection for your tile roof system in Australia, contact the professionals at East-West Roof Guardrail today.

The Hidden Tile System is a type of edge protection designed for use on existing tile roofs during re-roofing, roof restoration, painting or maintenance. It can be installed on the rafters and completely concealed under most common types of roof tile, maintaining the waterproof integrity of the roof. The system allows for access to 100% of the roof surface.

The Thru Tile System, on the other hand, is designed for use on new tile roofs. It is a traditional tile edge protection system that provides a handrail at the gutter line. The bracket is installed by screwing it into the rafter, providing a safe working environment for roof tilers. Once the tiles have been installed, the system can be dismantled, and the last few tiles can be adjusted into place along the gutter line.

Both these systems are available for both dry hire and purchase at EWRG.

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