Temporary Edge Protection Systems designed for residential and commercial re-roofing projects.

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Re-Roofing Products

Bolt-on/Screw-on System

EWRG’s most popular product, the Bolt-on Edge Protection System is a wall-mounted system perfect for bolting to concrete or core-filled block.

Fascia Pole System

Ground-up pole system which clamps or screws to fascia. Ideal for re-roofing, solar or asbestos removal projects.

Hangman System

Wall mounted temporary edge protection system designed for re-roofing, solar installation or maintenance of sheds.

About Re-Roofing

Providing industry-leading guardrail solutions to use for roof replacements across Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region

Whether you need to install solar panels or do a complete revamp of your existing roofing, East-West Roof Guardrail offers and distributes a range of temporary edge protection systems for residential and commercial areas in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific Region. 

From bolt-on to fascia pole systems, all our products are engineered to ensure safety and compliance with regulatory standards during your roofing replacement projects. Plus, our company does more than supply and drop our equipment at your site location. We ensure to provide proper training and demonstration, guiding your workforce on how to handle, install and dismantle our systems properly.

Top-notch, innovative edge protection systems for sale and dry hire

Since 2009, EWRG has been at the forefront of the roof edge protection industry, and we strive to continuously develop innovative temporary roof guardrails for a broad range of roofing replacements, upholding our reputation as a trusted provider of safety solutions.

No matter the scale of your project requirement, you can buy or hire quality-made re-roofing edge protection systems from us. For your ease of mind, we only offer AS/NZS 4994.1:2009 certified products. 

Browse our range of edge protection systems below to find the perfect solution for your roof replacements.

If you’re looking for custom-made solutions, our team can design and manufacture temporary edge protection systems tailored to your specific roof replacement, installation or maintenance needs, giving you complete control and flexibility over your processes.

Turn to East-West Roof Guardrail — the country’s leading manufacturer and distributor of temporary edge protection systems

When it comes to the safety and protection of your personnel during roofing replacement projects, trust no other than East-West Roof Guardrail. Whether you’re looking to buy new equipment or prefer dry hire solutions, we can supply you with top-of-the-line edge protection systems that provide second-to-none safety and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Temporary edge protection systems for re-roofing projects are engineered to provide a safe working environment for personnel during roof replacement. These cutting-edge solutions encompass guardrails, barriers and poles that are temporarily mounted to secure the perimeter of a construction site, preventing workers from falling. 

The primary benefits of using temporary edge protection systems for re-roofing projects include meeting and complying with strict building regulatory codes and preventing workplace injury during roof replacements. No matter the scale of your project, you can find top-notch temporary edge protection systems from East-West Roof Guardrail.

Yes, temporary edge protection systems are suitable for both residential and commercial re-roofing projects. East-West Roof Guardrail supplies innovative and certified roofing edge protectors to houses and corporate buildings Australia-wide and across the Asia-Pacific region. Request for a quote today!

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