Custom Edge Protection Systems

Custom temporary edge protection systems for commercial, residential and industrial projects Australia wide.

About Custom Edge Protection Systems

EWRG are experts at designing and manufacturing custom roof edge protection systems. We develop new applications on a regular basis for projects such Western Sydney International Airport, Sydney Football Stadium, Queens Wharf Brisbane, and many others.East West Roof Guardrail are experts in innovating to create new and custom roof edge protection systems. We develop new applications on a regular basis to suit changes in the construction industry. We can design and manufacture custom handrail systems to suit specific site conditions. Recently we have created custom edge protection systems for use on stadiums, airports and defence force projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is involved in purchasing a custom edge protection system?

    1. EWRG speak to the Customer to obtain details about the project and what the Customer is trying to achieve.
    2. Based on experience we can quickly determine if it will be feasible to develop a system or if there is a better option for the Customer.
    3. We provide an estimate for the cost of developing the system. We usually base the system off our existing parts to save time and money.
    4. If we require a custom part or bracket we will quickly develop a prototype.
    5. The system is subjected to engineering testing and certified by a qualified engineer.
    6. Production of the parts commences and the system is supplied to the Customer along with documentation and training.

  • How long would it take to get a custom edge protection system?

    If the system can be configured from existing parts it would only be a matter of engineering testing and certification. This typically takes a week to complete. If custom parts require development the prototype development and testing takes around a week, and manufacturing if done locally would require 2-4 weeks depending on whether the items. Overseas orders for large quantities require 10-12 weeks.

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