What Is Edge Protection Designed to Do?

There are many different types of temporary edge protection systems available for a range of applications. East West Roof Guardrail stock the widest range of systems in Australia and are regularly creating new products for the market.

What is edge protection designed to do?

Whether a certain type of edge protection system offers additional functionality or not, it’s primarily designed to fulfil one very important purpose — to prevent people working at height from falling. In other words, whether we’re considering first-floor edge protection, roof edge protection or any other type of system, our primary goal is to ensure that workers do not injure themselves as a result of a fall. This is the key area where edge protection differs from scaffolding – while scaffolding is primarily provided for safe access and as a working platform, temporary edge protection is a specialised method of providing cost effective fall prevention.

Different types of edge protection guardrails

EWRG’s edge protection systems are engineered, tested and certified to prevent workers from falling from heights. The design and construction details of each system may vary, depending on the application. There are several types of roof guardrail systems, which we will examine:

  • Fascia pole systems – Developed especially for re-roofing projects, EWRG fascia pole systems give workers unhindered access to the entire roof, making it easy for them to remove and replace tiles and other components without having to worry about where the edge protection system is anchored. They’re easy to install, easy to use and very safe — which is why they’re popular with roofers in Australia.
  • Gable edge protection systems – EWRG gable edge protection systems have been designed specifically for gable and skillion roof repairs/installations. This makes them the obvious choice for many residential roofing projects.
  • Hidden tile edge protection systems – EWRG hidden tile systems were developed to make it easy for roofers to work on occupied buildings without compromising the structural or waterproof integrity of those buildings. The handrails in our hidden tile systems are affixed to rafters, which can then be covered with tiles. This makes them a great choice for pressure washing roofs or any other roofing maintenance tasks where the waterproof integrity needs to be maintained at all times.

There are many other different types of systems available but those listed above are among the most commonly requested by our clients across Australia.

When is edge protection required?

In Australia, it is legally required for business owners or employers to take measures to prevent falls, as outlined in the Work Health and Safety Regulations (2011). For more specific guidance, either for projects in Australia or elsewhere, please feel free to contact EWRG. We specialise in the dry hire and sale of edge protection systems in Australia and New Zealand.

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