Guide to edge protection for new sheds and warehouses

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Video: Here is a guide to EWRG edge protection systems designed for use on new commercial and industrial sheds and warehousing.

At EWRG our core business is providing edge protection systems to commercial roofers and builders. We are proud to stock widest range of edge protection systems for commercial sheds and warehouses in Australia. We already service many of the largest commercial roofing companies and builders in Australia, and our customer base continues to grow.

Post-pandemic, we have witnessed a huge boom in commercial warehousing and logistics projects, which has placed huge demand for edge protection installers. Many of these jobs require hundreds of meters of edge protection to be installed on schedule.

EWRG provide solutions for builders and roofers who want to take better control of their projects by providing a range of versatile edge protection systems for roofs, awnings, decks and mezzanine floors. This means better cost control and less reliance on installers.

These systems can be an incredible investment, and we know this based on all the return business we get. Some of our commercial roofing clients have been buying and hiring edge protection from us for over a decade.

We always have a solution for our Clients, and if we don’t we will design one for them.

If you are a roofer, builder or edge protection installer looking for some guidance on commercial edge protection, please give your local branch a call. We will be happy to provide some guidance and solutions for you.

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